Welcome To The Custody Project!

The Gathering of Hearts

Our Mission: To promote the general welfare, both directly and indirectly, of women and their children as a unit as related to care, custody, and visitation issues.

The Custody Project assists qualified mothers who can no longer provide the common necessities of life for their families, due to the cost of defending the custody or visitation of their children. For resources and information, mothers please visit Services and About Us. To understand what our mothers are going through and how The Custody Project helps them, visit Case Excerpts and our Mission and Programs. For traditional and innovative ways to support our families, visit You Can Help and Documenting Their Voices: The Drive for The Voiceless, running on Indiegogo's Generosity to raise funds for a documentary for our mothers and children. Please share our work with your friends, families, and co-workers,and please give generously to our families, who are in such immediate need, as our families need your help. To be on our email / mail list, contact us directly, and use our Donate pages or our Contributions Forms A or B when donating by mail, online, and when shopping. To all: Updates occur periodically as volunteers are available; a few email / data submission links are inactive and, when a pdf or page will not open in Internet Explorer, just switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

The Custody Project recognizes that when a civilization protects its mothers and their children, it thrives in its legacies. In a world where custody can be lost for lack of funds …We assist.

Founded in 1994, The Custody Project is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.