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The Custody Project is a 501(c)(3), charitable, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, Fed. Tax ID #95-4521373, and contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

Please make money orders, certified, cashiers, and personal checks payable to The Custody Project.

Assisting mothers and their children yearly through your grassroots generosity, your compassion is the difference.

Thank You for Your Support.

Mail Donations To:

The Custody Project
PO Box 20753
El Sobrante CA 94820-0753 USA
Fed. Tax ID #95-4521373

You may print a copy for your records, or complete and print a fillable contribution form, as receipts will be sent to donors for contributions of $25 and over, and receipts for lesser amounts will be sent if you so request.

Online contributions, including by check, reward points, credit, and debit card can be made instantly through Network for Good, Just Give, MissionFish /PayPal Giving Fund, Causes/Facebook, Guidestar, PayPal and other secure online sites, and donate without cost by shopping, through our web site.

By patronizing on-street and online shops allowing you to designate The Custody Project, percentages of your purchases benefit our families and you help without cost. Check out Artisans, The Shops, and the few on-street and online merchants mentioned on our site, and look for others when shopping. Contributions to our Annual Fundraisers make our services possible, as do merchants’ gifts, certificates and in-kind gifts. For elegant, simple, and innovative ways to help, please visit our You Can Help page.

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