Simple Ways to Give

Monetary Contributions


Your straight-from-the-heart contributions are our simplest way to help our mothers and their children. Checks, cash, and online donations are best, and gift certificates are always welcome.

Every donation allows our work to continue and when you contribute, you touch a family that might otherwise have been left without help or hope. Since our scope is national, gift certificates usable anywhere in the USA, preferably with no expiration date from nationwide stores or for online shopping, are helpful when they can be used to buy food, clothing, or other necessities for mothers and their children wherever the families reside. For those who like using e-checks, electronic funds transfers (EFTS), direct payments, and automatic withdrawals, either one-time or on a recurring basis, please contact us.

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Spontaneous or Planned

Whether your help is occasional, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, your gifts make ordinary days extraordinarily special for mothers and children. For those donating FNSR, JB - "For No Special Reason, Just Because," thank you. For those who are planned givers, The Custody Project invites you to join our Dollar Campaign. Help us serve mothers and their children by donating $1-$20 per year or more. Every donation allows our work to continue and when you contribute, you touch a family that might otherwise have been left without help or hope.

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FNSR, JB "Just Because."

Here is the power of FNSR, JB - "For No Special Reason, Just Because":

"As the most popular radio personality in the city, my brother Ron encourages the people of Dallas, Texas, each morning with his verbal hand holding. Advertisers pay top dollar for thirty seconds on his show because they know he can deliver results. Because his listeners believe in him, they have kept his show number one for over twelve years. According to the Dallas Morning News (February 5, 1989) which published a full-page picture of him along with a three-page article, Ron's "audience loyalty is legendary." They told of his now-famous promotion in April 1988 when as an off-the-cuff filler he asked his listeners to send him twenty dollars - for no special reason. Within three days, he received over $240,000.00 with no strings attached. He gave it all to local charities..."

[Silver Boxes, The Gift of Encouragement, Florence Littauer, Word Publishing: Dallas, 1989, p. 133].

Bringing hope and help to desperate families in difficult straits, compassion makes the difference.

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Online Contributions

You can donate online instantly to The Custody Project using secure Donate Now Buttons on our site or on theirs. Some allow minimum donations as low as $1-$15. Click here for more information and to donate.

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State and Federal Campaigns

Federal and State employees may designate gifts to TCP through campaigns at work. If your campaign allows write-ins, designate The Custody Project, give our address, and Fed. Tax ID, #95-4521373.

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The United Way Worldwide

You may be able to make a gift to The Custody Project through a workplace United Way Campaign or on your own. Contact your local United Way, or go to United Way, put in your zip code to find your local UW, and provide our address and Fed. Tax ID, #95-4521373. On the local United Way card, list us in the Donor Option, provide our contact information, and indicate your pledge on the UW form. Some companies pay the administrative fees to United Way so the charity receives 100% of the donations, otherwise UW keeps a percentage to recoup its campaign costs. Local United Way policies vary so, if unable to donate this way, you can send your donation directly to us. For international donations to us, contact United Way Worldwide @ 800.892.2757, 0.

In the Bay Area of California, call UW's Bay Area Customer Service number regarding Donor Options, provide the information in the paragraph above, or visit (800.273.1779, 415.808.4300, 510.238.2410).

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Matching Gifts Programs

Double the power of your donations when your employers match you, dollar for dollar. Many companies offer matching gift programs: Some pay the administrative fees even to the United Way so the charity receives 100% of your matching donations. Remember to let us know if your donation is being matched by your employer, if any documents are needed from us, and to enclose the matching gift form with your gift to us. (Matching Gifts Program, Macy's Inc., @ 800.838.2063).

To ascertain whether your company offers matching gifts, you or your employer may be able to access Hep Data's comprehensive list of companies extending matching gifts programs (800.681.4438).

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In Memory Of

Every year, mothers, and sometimes, their children, are killed by abusive and violent partners who either quickly commit suicide or who attempt to take custody of the remaining children. We honor those killed, and for those mothers and children who survive, we give thanks. You can help break the cycle of violence mothers and their children often suffer by caring, posting contact information in your homes / businesses for Battered Women Alternatives, Shelters, the National Domestic Violence Hotline [800.799.7233], supporting worthy nonprofits, and always keeping an eye on your family, friends, and neighbors. Violence decreases when caring people communicate effectively, when many eyes are watching protectively, and when a plan of action is in place. To make donations in memory of, please visit our Donate: Online section, including our Network for Good and JustGive links.

If you are a mother in fear for your life and/or the lives and safety of your child[ren], the above links and references may lead you and your family to a SafeHouse requiring silence and discretion. Additional options to consider can include contacting your family's local hospital, physician(s), nurses, teachers, principals, caregivers, coaches, therapists, church[es], police for the mother's, father's, and perpetrator's jurisdictions, as well as other professionals, friends, and neighbors. Keep your visitation / custody order(s) with you, explain the danger you and your children are [or child is] in and how each person can help. Violence diminishes when people communicate effectively, when there is accountability, when there are many eyes watching over children and their mothers, and when a plan of action is in place.

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TCP's Annual Fundraisers and Raffles

TCP's Annual Fundraisers

The Custody Project conducts simple fundraisers yearly. Inviting your kind donations, contributions, and services, our Annual Appeal comes either through the internet - please send us your email address in a traditional way until this link is activated - or during the year as postage becomes affordable. It is an honor to stand with you and know that we help to make the way easier for families in need, and we thank those who give and those giving regularly. Your straight-from-the-heart contributions are our simplest way of raising funds each year for our mothers and their children. If you would like to participate in and expand our annual drives to increase our services to mothers, please contact us.

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TCP's Annual Raffles

Occasionally, TCP conducts Raffles to raise money for its charitable services. To donate cash prizes, gift certificates, or items of value, please contact us. Transportable prizes are most useful, cash and gift certificates travel best, and winners especially like the cash option. Thank you to Dancing Dog Mining Company for contributing cash awards and its engravable, Commemorative "Silver Hearts of Love" Newborn Medallions over the years, which can be viewed at Artisans of The Twelfth House. To distribute raffles in your area, to purchase them, to donate items, cash, gift certificates, and for additional information, contact us. Your contributions are appreciated and make the Raffles fun. The Custody Project must receive your Ticket(s) by December 8th, in the year Raffle drawings are held. Mail the Tickets to TCP and be sure to keep your Ticket stubs. Thank you for your support!

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