Giving Through Service


Want to help? Need community service hours? Have time but not cash?

Volunteers can deduct mileage and other expenses incurred in conjunction with their work for The Custody Project to the extent allowable by law. And, although you cannot deduct the value of your time, we can provide you with a letter indicating your service, especially if required for high school, for acceptance into college, for credit, for community service, or is advisable by your accountant.

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Church and Club

When taking up a collection, or raising funds for The Custody Project through your church, club, or organization, contact us if additional information, flyers, or newsletters are needed. You can find our Annual Appeal and the Annual Newsletters for Donors and Mothers (2016), Donors (2013), and Mothers (2013) under the About Us drop-down. They are periodically updated. If you would like us to speak before your group, please call. Along with financial support, prayers for our families help, too.

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Businesses and Employees

Our Business Ways to Give list many ways, either as an employee or as a business, company, corporation, or private employer, to help. These include giving through grants, company donations, corporate giving, matching gifts, employee grant writing, employer fund drives, donating percentages of sales of merchandise, joining Our Friendship Mall, shopping at The Shops or through popular merchants, donating gift and merchandise certificates, helping with The Custody Project's Annual Appeal, purchasing Belk Charity Tickets, participating in our special events, holding events in our honor, donating items for our raffles, buying our raffle tickets, and lending a hand with, and supporting, our Summer Caravans /National Drives.

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Grant Writing

Obtaining small grants for us through your company or place of work helps our families. Many companies allow employees who support, nominate, or volunteer with nonprofits to request small grants for them, or to write small grants on their behalf. Ask your company about its opportunities to help increase your giving power to The Custody Project.

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Website Work

We are in need of competent assistance from a volunteer web developer, familiar with our .php system and our hosting company's alternative option, Magento [See, Magento and/or the Magento API]. Over the years, professionals, professors, and students have helped build our site, and have helmed updates and improvements. This work continues, as well as the need to connect email, mail, and data capture functions. To assist with updating, improving, and maintaining our website, brochure (see below), and Causes/Facebook site, please contact us. When done, our next projects will be a powerpoint and a film.

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Our Brochure covers 2001-2002. To update and improve it yearly, a volunteer who can assist, preferably using InDesign and Acrobat, is needed. If you would like to assist with updating and/or maintaining our yearly brochure, please contact us. When done, our next projects will be a powerpoint and a film.

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Attorneys and Experts

To volunteer time to assist and/or to list under our services: support resources and referrals for mothers, please contact us. Nonprofit attorneys: to volunteer to assist The Custody Project on several matters, please call.

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Spread the Word

Sharing The Custody Project with service organizations, friends, and co-workers in person, online, and by email, designating us as the nonprofit beneficiary of your online giving, on-street and online shopping, and buying/selling Belk's Charity Tickets helps us to help others. For several others ways to help, please peruse our Business and You Can Help sections using the tabs at the top menu.

To share our flyers and newsletters, download the Annual Appeal and the Annual Newsletter for Donors and Mothers (2016), For Donors (2013), and Mothers (2013), which are updated periodically, or indicate the number needed by mail, and contact us for additional information. Even a few minutes distributing them in your communities are a huge help.

To those who do, thank you for spreading the word. To those who share us by bookmarking and donating to The Custody Project, thank you. Favorite ways are great ways of helping our mothers and children, and increased donations allow us to assist more families.

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The Custody Project Wish List

Attorney and Expert Volunteer Referral List

Sometimes, giving an hour or two of your time can protect a mother and her children and keep them out of harm's way. If you are an attorney or expert willing to help, please contact us to list on our support resources and referral list for mothers. If you will take cases pro bono, or on a sliding scale, or can offer your time, please let us know. Typically, your name, contact info, the state(s) you can assist in, and the areas you can help with, are listed. If you prefer not to list publicly, and there comes a time when there is a match, you could be contacted. This is a new service for us, and one much needed for our mothers and their children. Thank you.

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Property Donations

Our mothers sometimes need homes. If you have property to donate, please contact us.

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Painting and Novelties For Sale

The sale of Angel Fairy in Pink, a painting by Carmen Ivory, fully benefits The Custody Project, and we have showcased items by Dancing Dog Mining Company of California, too, as a percentage of each sale will benefit our families. Both can be found at Artisans of the Twelfth House and eBay For Charity. Carmen Ivory can be contacted @ For further information, please contact us.

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Summer Caravans / National Drives

TCP's Summer Caravans /National Drives need coordinators, computer wizards, researchers, fund raisers, media outreach assistants, sponsors, attorneys, suppliers, and grassroots financial support when in the planning and execution phases. Please contact us if you would like to help. Visit our Events: Come Join Us and You Can Help: Fancy: Summer Caravan /National Drives /Indiegogo for additional information.

As The Custody Project completed the Winter 2016-2017 National Drive recently, the date of the next one has not yet been set.

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Upcoming Summer Caravan / National Drive

As The Custody Project completed the Winter 2016-2017 National Drive recently, the date of the next one is yet to be announced.

To help with fund raising for the next Drive, to lift awareness for our mothers and children and the difficulties they frequently face, please contact us. To participate, sponsor our driver, hold fundraisers, make donations in support, please contact us, and for more information visit our You Can Help: Fancy: Summer Caravan /National Drives /Indiegogo, Caravans /National Drives, and this Wish List.

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Administrative and Program Expenses

Administrative and program funding allows the completion of important tasks generating increased revenues for our families. To accomplish the upcoming work of expansion, to assist mothers, increase donations and our services, continue web and brochure improvements, further Caravan / National Drive preparation, reach goals, and make it possible for us to help many more families in the years to come, $5,000 - $20,000 is needed. However, as the majority of our funding always helps our mothers and children in our Heart to Heart Program and smaller percentages are allotted to other services and yearly tasks, the amount which can be set aside for required expenses is currently insufficient for administrative and program costs. To donate towards program and administrative funding, designate this in your memo line, and make your check or online donation out to The Custody Project.

Private Sponsorships for Administrative and Program Expenses. As noted above, $5,000-$20,000 is needed. Although not deductible, private sponsorships and financial gifts permit us to swiftly set funds aside for administrative expenses so that essential tasks are completed, and help is ensured to families for years to come. Direct sponsorships and private gifts [not tax-deductible], when combined with traditional donations [tax-deductible], help us to maintain and update our web site to increase donations and our services to mothers, continue brochure and data capture improvements, further Caravan / National Drive preparation, provide assistance to families, expand services to mothers, and address and accomplish other administrative and program responsibilities. Allowing the quick attainment of goals, please make tax-deductible donations to The Custody Project for administrative and program expenses; private gifts [not tax-deductible] for administrative and program expenses, send care of The Custody Project. Private gifts will be used towards the goals stated above. The Board will oversee both tax-deductible donations and non-deductible contributions, and ensure they are used to fully benefit the goals of The Custody Project.

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Including stamps (any amount) when donating helps defray costs and allows us to give more to our families.

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Your Prayers

Prayer is effective and always a quiet blessing. We welcome your best wishes, your prayers, and your best efforts for mothers and their children everywhere.

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Giving with Heart, Mind and Spirit

There are countless ways to help mothers and their children and we invite your donations, assistance, and insights. If you can share your labor, time, skills, and services with us, thank you.

Understanding. It is through understanding that giving comes. Mind and Heart.
Lending a Hand. It is through understanding that lending a hand occurs. Heart.
Finding a Mom. It is often you who find the mom that TCP can assist. Heart and Spirit.
Proceeding. It is through you that our mission proceeds. Spirit.
A Heart which helps, an Understanding Mind, and Giving with a Proceeding Spirit are cornerstones of our Work, for which The Custody Project thanks you.


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